Quick Hit is a medical blog started by the University of Kentucky Emergency Medicine Interest Group (UK-EMIG) in the fall of 2012. The goals for Quick Hit website includes:

  • Provide a quick reference guide for medical students, no matter what year or what rotation they are on.
  • Provide a way for 1st and 2nd year medical students to relate basic science material to clinically practical information
  • Allow 3rd and 4th year medical students currently rotating through different services to discuss the most current work up for emergent problems and the most efficient way to relate information when consulting from the ED
  • Compile links to videos, podcats, notecards, etc. from many other established EM blogs for each pathology discussed

When we say quick hits, we truly mean quick. Each of our quickhits will have the highest yield summary at the beginning, giving any medical student a quick reference right after seeing a patient or quickly before presenting to an attending. Visitors to this site with the luxury of time on their side will also be able to go beyond the quick hit. To achieve a complete understanding of every pathology posted and to provide the most current steps in management, each post will have a “continue reading” link with more info. We hope to include plenty of meat to each of our posts, with references to evidence-based-medicine articles, podcasts, clinically relevant youtube videos, blog post from other established blogs, and more.

One of our biggest goals with starting this website is to put an added significance to the monotonous nature of basic sciences endured by 1st and 2nd year med students. By creating a forum for medical students w/ limited experience on the wards (as compared to 3rd and 4th years), we will provide opportunities for 1st and 2nd years to connect what they are reading about in books and talk to physicians and upperclassmen. We think this will help them realize why and what they are reading in books is important to patient care delivery. We also think this would be a wonderful review of basic sciences for those in 3rd and 4th year that don’t remember the little details (anatomy review, anyone?!)

We don’t claim that the idea for this blog is original (as evidenced by the many amazing blogs we will often refer to throughout our posts). However, we feel that we can be a necessary and valuable resource to medical students by providing a concise digital resource and by initiating conversations between medical students at any level and clinicians in many different fields. With the efforts put forth by the UK EMIG group, we hope this website will flourish to become a resource for medical students at UK and even other medical institutions through social media outlets.

Let us know how we can improve! Contact us at: ukemigquickhits@gmail.com

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